Orbit Agro LTD :


Orbit agro: - Orbit agro ltd is an agricultural base company which specializes in supplying full kit agricultural complexes &
Tailor made projects. A professional team with years of worldwide practical experience and record
Accompanies the projects from the concept stage, through the project’s realization to its full operation.

Agriculture:-Cultivation of a wide range of agricultural crops in different climatic conditions in greenhouses,
Open fields, plantations orchards etc. Implementation of the most innovative agro technologies available
In our projects allows cultivating various crops throughout the year, planning the harvest time in accordance with local market conditions.

Water Management:-innovative solutions for water storage and distribution, and state of the art irrigation systems.

Greenhouse Kits & Tailor Made Projects (Exotic Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, etc.)

Soilless Cultivation


Growing Technologies

Climate Control

Fully Computerized Systems

Irrigation Systems

Argos All In One Greenhouse for Rural Projects

Complex Project Development:

The visionary approach of Orbit agro is to focus on social and environmental aspects of agricultural and water
Management projects, adjusting the project concept to local reality of different regions around the Country, in order to create workplaces, attract young work force, reduce water consumption and develop export possibilities. Assisted by an extensive agronomic experience and the latest advanced agricultural and water technologies available, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer our customers full project development services and a wide range of solutions for agricultural crops cultivation, regional development and water .

Management. Accompanies your project from the concept stage to its full operation

Project Concept

Feasibility Study

Project Planning

Project Execution

Advanced Indoor & Outdoor Technologies

On job Training

Post-Harvest Facilities:


Packing Houses

Sorting Machines

Cooling Rooms


Irrigation Systems

Benefiting from vast experience of over three years in everything related to irrigation, our customers can now enjoy innovative solutions and state of the art products for agricultural irrigation systems. Also in supply are
Various custom made solutions, supplied as a ready for installation kit, for irrigation and Fertigation in open
Fields, plantations, orchards, greenhouses and more. Additionally on offer are various solutions for water
And liquids storage, both collapsible and high volume, customized in accordance with customer needs and

Greenhouse Irrigation & Fertigation Kits

Large Scale Plantation & Open Field Cultivation Dripline Irrigation Kits

Large Scale Plantation & Open Field Cultivation Sprinklers Irrigation Kits

Collapsible & High Volume Storage Tanks from 5 to 700 m


Orbit agro Line:

In 2012 orbit Argos launched a new line of high quality Orbit agro produced in accordance with foreign standards and quality control. We strive to offer friendly prices to the customers, all the while assuring the high quality product with the strong QC protocol. Our Orbit agro are produced in compliance with the Standards Institutional and were successfully introduced to the local market three years ago. After a great success among vegetable growers in Bangladeshi, today the Orbit agro are sold in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and other regions. In the last three years, Orbit agro were great success among potato growers in Munshigonj.

Sample Project: Regional Socio Economic Projects in Bangladesh

A regional socio economic vegetable project with climate control and post-harvest systems, aimed for
Vegetables marketing to the Bangladesh market, including project management. The project served as regional logistics, technological and marketing center for local farmers.

Sample Project: Regional Development Projects in Bangladesh

An ongoing regional development project for orchard cultivation. The project includes innovative plants
Nurseries, irrigation and Fertigation systems and post-harvest systems. The regional development works
Include water harvesting, agricultural development and training & classes by leading foreign experts.




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