Azuba Electronics :


Company Profile


Azuba Electronics specializes in the installation and maintenance of all electronic security systems as well as product development and manufacture of a range of reliable electronic products for the commercial and industrial industry. Azuba is an experienced, credible company, with an in-depth knowledge of electronic and home appliance. Qualified Technicians and Engineers with proper staff training and education play an integral role in their success; Azuba has an accreditation with the Bangladesh University of engineering and technology to provide experiential training to graduates of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology. Azuba Electronics is a Level Contributor and registered. Azuba Electronics currently supply and maintain security systems for clients as part of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) providing break-down service, repairs and support for their maintenance departments, specifically in the fields of security, access control and building management. Our services comprise of maintenance and preventative maintenance to a variety of electronic security systems (both in-house and third party designed).


Our System’s Focus:


•Access Control
•Bio Metrics
•Intruder Alarms
•Electric Fencing

Our Services:


•Product Source & Supply
•Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance
•On-site Training and Support
•Software & Firmware
•Product Manufacture

•Custom Electronic Design
•System Migration
•System Interfacing

Our Products:

Lightning Protection,
LED Stop/Go Display,
Gas Alarm Monitor (theatre and ward),
Booth Interlocks,
Anti-tailgating Boom Interlocks,
Point-of- Sale Interfaces,
Medical Gas Monitoring,
And Alarm Adaptors.

Our Client Base:


•National Bank
•Standard Bank
•Janata Bank
•NCC bank
•Anwar Group
•Noman Group
•Pacific Group
•United air
•Phulhar &Company
• United Hospital


Our Philosophy:


Our core values are client-first, hard work, persistence, keeping promises and superior delivery of each job.






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